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loprinDr. Paul Loprinzi

Associate Professor

Department of Health, Exercise Science and Recreation Management






Academic Profile:

I completed my doctoral studies in Exercise Science at Oregon State University, with undergraduate (exercise/physical activity; community health) and graduate (exercise science) degrees at Portland State University. Building upon this background, including exercise psychology and physical activity epidemiology, my current epidemiological research examines the effects of exercise on cognition and mortality.  My current experimental work examines the effects of exercise on memory function.

Personal Profile:

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Kristina Loprinzi, NP, and my four young children, Ryker (11 y), Kiplin (8 y), Jovie (7 y) and Hartley (3 y). I also enjoy jogging, which I usually do 4-5 days per week.


 Student Researchers

Current Students

Jeremiah Blough (PhD; Lab Manager)

Emily Frith (PhD)

Lindsay Crawford (PhD)

Kate Dilley (undergraduate honor’s thesis)

Kyle McRaney (undergraduate)

Lauren Ferguson (undergraduate)

Justin Cantrelle (undergraduate)

Allison Farris (undergraduate)

Lauren Johnson (undergraduate)

Hannah Lewandowski (undergraduate)

Brandon Rigdon (undergraduate)

Sierra Day (undergraduate)

Grace Burnett (undergraduate honor’s thesis)

Lauren Koehler (undergraduate honor’s thesis)

Hanna Stricklen (undergraduate)

Morgan Gilbert (undergraduate)

Trey Deming (undergraduate)

Morgan Chism (undergraduate)

Shelby Wages (undergraduate)

Timothy Jones (undergraduate)


Lab Alumni

Ovuokerie Addoh, Ph.D.

Robert Patterson (MS)

Chelsea Joyner (MS)

Elizabeth Crush (MS)

Meghan Edwards (MS)

Allison Nooe (MS)

Gina Robinson (undergraduate)

Will Booth (undergraduate)

Savanna Wingate (undergraduate)

Lindsay Crawford (undergraduate)

James Haynes (undergraduate)

Caitlin Rowan (undergraduate)

Annese Jaffery (undergraduate)

Hannah Dau (undergraduate)

Breanna Wade (MS)

Briahna Dickerson (undergraduate)

David Green (undergraduate)

Faith Harris (undergraduate honor’s thesis)

Danielle Yanes (undergraduate)

Pamela Ponce (undergraduate)

Dylan Delancey (undergraduate)

Brianna Tillman (undergraduate)

Ali Siddiqui (undergraduate)