Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management

School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi


Our Research

Our laboratory conducts prospective studies evaluating the psychosocial determinants of physical activity as well experimental studies investigating the effects of exercise on psychological function, cognition, and emotional regulation.



Current on-going projects in our laboratory include:

  • The effects of breakfast omission on the relationship between exercise and cognition function (anticipated finish: January 2017) (#16-071)
  • The prospective interrelationships between personality, executive function and physical activity (anticipated finish: January 2017) (#16x-052)
  • Acute exercise on learning and prospective memory (anticipated finish: January 2017) (#17-004)
  • The unique and combined effects of exercise and meditation on psychological and cognitive function (anticipated finish: January 2017) (#16-072)
  • The acute dose-response effects of exercise duration on cognitive function (anticipated finish: March 2017) IMG_0212(#15-062)
  • The effects of social media-based physical activity interventions on physical activity behavior and psychological function (anticipated finish: May 2017) (#17-018)
  • The prospective association between the Transtheoretical Model and physical activity among adults trying to lose or maintain their weight (anticipated finish: May 2017) (#16-033)
  • Comparative effectiveness of a sedentary break intervention vs. MVPA intervention on psychological functioning (anticipated finish: May 2017) (#15-065)
  • Sedentary behavior-inducing intervention on psychological and cognitive function (anticipated finish: January 2018) (#17-006)
  • The acute effects of exercise on cognitive-creativity (anticipated finish: January 2018) (#16-074)

Completed projects in our laboratory