Master of Science in Exercise Science

Description: The M.S. in exercise science prepares students for careers in fitness and
allied health and research. The degree also prepares students for advanced study at the
doctoral (Ph.D.) level.

Course Requirements: For the M.S. in exercise science, a minimum of 33 semester hours of graduate study is required. Requirements for the M.S. in exercise science are a minimum of 18 hours in either the Exercise Physiology or Neuromechanics emphasis area, to include the 12 core hours, 6 hours of research design and statistics, a  minimum of 3 hours of electives, and either 3 hours of Independent Research, 6 hours of thesis, or 9 hours of internship.

Exercise Physiology Emphasis (18 hours)

ES 611-Exercise Physiology I* (core) (3)
ES 613-Health Aspects of Physical Activity (3)
ES 608-Methods and Procedures of Graded Exercise Testing (core) (3)
ES 614-Cardiovascualr Physiology (core) (3)
ES 615-Physiological Aspects of Aging (3)
ES 616-Exercise Physiology II (3)
ES 618-Advanced Muscle Physiology (core) (3)
ES 620-Selected Topics in Exercise Science (3)

Neuromechanics Emphasis (18 hours)

ES 512-Foundations of Biomechanics* (core) (3)
ES 514-Applied EMG (3)
ES 609-Motor Behavior (core) (3)
ES 612-Instrumentation and Analysis in Biomechanics (3)
ES 620-Selected Topics in Exercise Science (3)
ES 632-Advanced Structural Kinesiology (core) (3)
ES 644-Control of Human Movement (core) (3)
ES 648-Biomechanics of Injury (3)

Electives  (3 hours)

ES 651-Advanced Independent Study (3)
ES 652-Advanced Independent Study (3)
Any course from the non-selected emphasis area (3)
Non-ES course (advisor approved) (3)

Research and Statistics (6 hours)

ES 625-Research Design and Evaluation (3)
Statistics (advisor approved) (3)

Practical Training Requirement (3-9 hours)

ES 612-Internship in Exercise Science (9)
ES 697-Thesis (6)
ES 653-Independent Research (3)

Completion of college algebra and trigonometry, or college calculus, are required for full admission to the Master of Science program in Exercise Science.

*Requires completion of equivalent undergraduate level course or approval of instructor.