Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management

School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Master of Science in Exercise Science

The M.S. in Exercise Science prepares students for careers in fitness, allied health, research or advanced study at the doctoral (Ph.D.) level. The program prepares students for a broad range of health and fitness related professions through a curriculum that focuses on the applied sciences of exercise physiology and motor control. The curriculum ensures that students are presented with the most contemporary issues and trends in the application of exercise for weight management, cardiopulmonary health, maintenance of functional movement throughout the lifespan, and the application of exercise science to athletic performance.

Total Hours: 36

Program Core Requirements (12 hours)

ES 609-Motor Behavior (3)

ES 611-Exercise Physiology I (3)

ES 614-Cardiovascular Physiology (3)

ES 616-Exercise Physiology II (3)

Supporting Curriculum (9-12 hours)

ES 514-Applied EMG (3)

ES 608-Methods and Procedures of Graded Exercise Testing (3)

ES 612-Instrumentation and Analysis in Biomechanics (3)

ES 613-Health Aspects of Physical Activity (3)

ES 615-Physiological Aspects of Aging (3)

ES 618-Advanced Muscle Physiology (3)

ES 620-Selected Topics in Exercise Science (3)

ES 644-Control of Human Movement (3)

ES 548-Biomechanics of Injury (3)

ES 515-Stress and the Brain (3)

ES 542-Sports Psychology (3)

ES 651-Advanced Individual Study (3)

ES 652-Advanced Individual Study (3)

Any non-core course (advisor-approved) (3)

Research and Statistics (6 hours)

ES 625-Research Design and Evaluation (3)

ES 626-Statistical Analysis (advisor-approved) (3)

Capstone Learning Requirement (6 or 9 hours)

ES 610-Internship in Exercise Science (9)

ES 697-Thesis (6)

Advisor-approved elective course work (6)