Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management

School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Health Promotion

The Graduate Health Promotion Program at The University of Mississippi offers a Master of Science degree in Health Promotion.

Our program is designed to prepare students to discover, refine, communicate, and apply strategies that assist individuals, communities, and societies in adopting and maintaining healthy behaviors and environments. Specifically, the program is committed to: (1) excellence in student-centered graduate professional preparation; (2) promoting an environment that reflects and builds respect for individuality, human values, and diversity; (3) incorporating scholarship and service in learning experiences that encourage students to be active and independent learners; (4) promoting personal and professional growth among students, faculty, and staff through intellectual, physical, and social development; (5) expanding the professional body of knowledge through research and creative endeavors while striving to be an effective advocate for community, school, state, and global health promotion efforts.

Students who complete the M.S. in Health Promotion can work in a variety of health settings including community health, health education, workplace health promotion and human service agencies at the local, state, national or international levels.

Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to sit for the CHES examination or MCHES depending on your work experience. (


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