Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management

School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

HESRM Graduate Assistants

GA group Photo 2016-2


Last Name

First Name



Addoh Ovuokerie Turner 234
Buckner Sam Turner 244
Churakova Iuliia Turner 248A
Crush Elizabeth Turner 234
Dankel Scott Turner 244
Davis Robert Turner 234
Donahue Tyler N/A
Driggers Jessica N/A
Eason Derek Turner 242
Edwards Meghan Turner 234
Frith Emily Turner 234
Fu Wantong Turner 234
Gdovin Jacob Turner 242
Hill Christopher Turner 234
Hoke Elizabeth Turner 234
Jessee Matthew Turner 234
Jin Xi Turner 234
Mattocks Kevin Turner 234
Mouser Grant Turner 244
Oliver Alexander George Street House
Sng Eveleen Turner 234
Trahan Brittany Turner 234
Williams Caleb Turner 242
Wilson Sam Turner 234