Master of Arts in Recreation Administration


The M.A. in Recreation Administration provides students the opportunity to develop programming skills for students pursuing careers in leisure, recreation, health, tourism and related professions.  Students choose between a Thesis and Non-thesis option based on their career goals.  Students may choose to emphasize in several areas including recreational sport programming, rural and community tourism development, special event planning, programming for special populations, parks and recreation management, and natural resource management.

Course Requirements

For the M.A. in Recreation Administration, a minimum of 33 semester hours of graduate study is required.  These include 18 core hours (12 RA core hours, 3 hours of research and 3 hours of statistics) and 6 hours of either the thesis or special event planning option.  The remaining 9 hours may be chosen from graduate courses in recreation administration or from other disciplines that may include health, exercise science, management, marketing, sociology, psychology and education with advisor approval.

Students that do not possess experience in the leisure, recreation or tourism industries may be required to complete an internship during their course of study.

Coursework – 33 Total Hours

Recreation Administration Core (18 hours)

RA 600 Issues and Trends in Park and Recreation Admin. Programs (3)
RA 601 Recreation Admin. Program Dev. and Promotion (3)*
RA 602 Assessment and Evaluation of Recreation Admin. Programs (3)*
RA 680 Leisure Programming for Senior Adults (3)

Electives (6 hours)

RA 510: Entrepreneurial Recreation (3)

RA 539: Outdoor Resources Management (3)

RA 569: Strategies & Applications in Outdoor Edu (3)

RA 574: Current Trends in Therapeutic Recreation
RA 651-Advanced Independent Study (3)
RA 652-Advanced Independent Study (3)
RA 627- Internship

RA 650: Seminar in Community & Rural Tourism (3)

RA 671: Recreation Admin. Program Administration (3)

RA 691: Principles & Practices of Leisure & Rec (3)
Any Non-RA courses 500 level or above (advisor approved)

Research and Statistics (6 hours)

RA 625 Research Design and Evaluation (3)
HP 626 Statistics (3)

Thesis Option (6 hours)

RA 697-Thesis (6)

Special Event Planning Option (Non-Thesis) (6 hours)

RA 653 Independent Research (3)
RA 654 Directed Event Programming (3)


Double Decker Car Show


Sardis Lake Fishing Rodeo


Rebel Man Sprint Triathlon

*Requires completion of equivalent undergraduate level course or approval of instructor.

Student Financial Support:

Graduate assistantships and internships are available to students in this program on a competitive basis.

Other information: