Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management

School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Exercise & Memory Laboratory

The Exercise & Memory Laboratory was created in 2016 by Dr. Paul Loprinzi. Our laboratory includes doctoral, masters, and undergraduate researchers focused on designing and conducting research to address our mission of examining the effects of exercise on cognitive function, particularly memory function. Our group promotes a welcoming, encouraging and positive collaborative environment to address our laboratory’s mission.

Our Exercise & Memory Laboratory is located in Turner 240 of the Thomas N. Turner Center. Our laboratory includes 4 treadmills and 6 enclosed units for cognitive assessment.  Each unit includes a desk and a desktop computer installed with cognitive and affect assessment software.   The Exercise & Memory Laboratory also houses a functional near-infrared spectroscopy system, hypoxia generator (altitude stimulator), electroencephalogram (EEG), stationary cycle,  step peddler, noise cancelling headphones, anthropometric instruments (scale, stadiometer, skinfold caliper), over 100 pedometers (Yamax Digiwalker SW 200), over 50 ActiGraph accelerometers (GT1M, GT3X, GT9X-Link), a cardiometabolic analyzer for cholesterol and glucose assessment, heart rate monitors, pulse oximeter, blood pressure cuffs, two auditory recording devices, yoga mats, and resistance training equipment (dumbbells).