Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management

School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Prospective Students


Expectations of Graduate Students

Thank you for your interest in working with our group. I aim to provide a challenging and enriching graduate experience for all of my graduate students. To ensure you are a successful graduate student and learn the necessary prerequisite skills to be an independent researcher, I have listed several expectations for prospective graduate students.



Master’s students should expect to complete their degree within two-years, usually consisting of having their thesis proposal at the end of their first semester and their thesis defense occurring during the spring semester of their second year. Doctoral students should aim to finish their PhD in three years.


Presence in the Laboratory and Department

It is an expectation that you are present in the laboratory and department during the work week. A successful graduate degree will require weekly (if not daily) interactions with their mentor and fellow graduate students. It is expected that you will be present during all weekly laboratory meetings. In addition to your dissertation research, it is expected that you will conduct and present non-dissertation primary research during each semester for our departmental seminar.


Working During the Summer

Graduate students are expected to work on their research studies during the summer months. This will be necessary to ensure the thesis/dissertation projects are completed on time and at the level of distinction that is necessary. The preference is for graduate students to be present in the laboratory and department during the summer months.



All graduate students should be prepared to work very hard to accomplish our laboratory’s mission. To ensure the highest level of commitment to research, it is unlikely that, during a student’s graduate studies, s/he will be able to make any other major time commitments (e.g., outside job).