Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management

School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Career Outlook

A person with an overall interest in health and fitness and who enjoys working with a variety of people should consider a career in the field of exercise science.  The career outlook for the exercise scientist will continue to be good as the nation directs its efforts to protect and improve the health and well-being of its society.  Job opportunities in the exercise science field are expected to grow faster than jobs overall for the foreseeable future due to the increasing number of businesses including wellness programs for their employees, the general rise in fitness awareness among the population, and the aging of the baby boomer generation.

Career Opportunities

  • Group exercise instructor
  • Health fitness supervisor
  • Health promotion recruiter
  • Biomechanist
  • Sports nutritionist
  • Employee fitness director
  • Exercise physiologist
  • Occupational physiologist
  • Personal trainer
  • Physical/Occupational therapist
  • Researcher
  • Professor
  • Strength (sport) and conditioning coach