Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management

School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Master of Science in Exercise Science

Description: The M.S. in exercise science prepares students for careers in fitness, allied health and research. The degree also prepares students for advanced study at the
doctoral (Ph.D.) level.

Course Requirements: For the M.S. in exercise science, a minimum of 33 semester hours of graduate study is required. Requirements for the M.S.E.S. are a minimum of 12 hours in the ES Core, 6 hours in the supporting curriculum, 6 hours of research, a minimum of 3 hours of electives, and either 6 hours of thesis, 9 hours of internship, or 6 additional hours of advisor approved elective coursework.

Exercise Science Core (12 hours)

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ES 512-Foundations of Biomechanics (3)

ES 611-Exercise Physiology (3)

ES 614-Cardiovascualr Physiology (3)

ES 632-Advanced Structural Kinesiology (3)

Supporting Curriculum (6 hours)

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ES 613-Health Aspects of Physical Activity (3)

ES 608-Methods and Procedures of Graded Exercise Testing (core) (3)

ES 615-Physiological Aspects of Aging (3)

ES 616-Exercise Physiology II (3)

ES 618-Advanced Muscle Physiology (core) (3)

ES 620-Selected Topics in Exercise Science (3)

ES 514-Applied EMG (3)

ES 609-Motor Behavior (core) (3)

ES 612-Instrumentation and Analysis in Biomechanics (3)

ES 620-Selected Topics in Exercise Science (3)

ES 644-Control of Human Movement (core) (3)

ES 548-Biomechanics of Injury (3)

Electives (3-9 hours)

ES 651-Advanced Individual Study (3)

ES 652-Advanced Individual Study (3)

Any non-core course (adviser-approved) (3)

Research and Statistics (6 hours)

ES 625-Research Design and Evaluation (3)

ES 652-Statistics (adviser-approved) (3)

Capstone Learning Requirement (6 or 9 hours)

ES 610-Internship in Exercise Science (9)

ES 697-Thesis (6)

Adviser-approved elective course work (6)