Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management
School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Health and Sport Analytics Laboratory


The Health and Sport Analytics Laboratory, directed by Dr. Minsoo Kang, is focused on research, consulting, and training by applying measurement theory, mathematical/statistical model, research design, and computer/technology in the area of health, exercise science, and sport/recreation. The lab supports faculty led research projects and provides research opportunities for students in the HESRM department.

Along with faculty members, this lab is comprised of graduate students who choose an Analytics cognate from various emphasis areas. To prepare for their professional futures, the Lab graduate students actively engage in ongoing research while developing their own research lines. Because research projects range from basic to applied and are often interprofessional in nature, students are exposed to a variety of projects and study designs.

The Health and Sport Analytics lab provides an annual workshop for student and faculty on Analytics related topics. The lab also offers specialized assistance in advanced measurement and statistical analyses. Topics supported include: descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, power analysis, T tests, chi-square tests, ANOVA, regression, item analysis, data mining, meta-analysis, structural equation modeling, conjoint analysis, and big data analysis. Software programs supported include: data analysis (CODA, GENOVA, SAS, SPSS, WEKA, AMOS, Mplus, JASP, R, Stata, Python), power analysis (G*power), general (Microsoft Excel), psychometrics (Facets, Winsteps, Iteman), meta-analysis (CMA), and conjoint analysis (Sawtooth).

The Health and Sport Analytics lab also collaborates with various internal and external partners on research projects and provides with consulting services for big data analysis, program evaluation, tool development and validation, and measurement and statistical analysis. Currently, the lab has engaged with the following partners:

  • Profile at Sanford in US
  • Sanford Research in US
  • Center for Sports and Performance Analytics in Korea
  • Center for Global Sport and Recreation Studies in Hong Kong
  • Institute of Child Nutrition (UM)
  • Center for Health and Sport Performance (UM)
  • Center for Research Evaluation (UM)