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If you are a Veteran interested in receiving an AmTryke at the 2018 race, please contact

Photo by Robert Jordan/Ole Miss Communications

Photo by Robert Jordan/Ole Miss Communications


Veteran Riders:

Sgt. Oliver Mcghee, from Southaven, MS.  Served in the Navy and Army for a total of 22 years. Wants to use the AmTryke to help with his weight management, cope with PTSD symptoms, and to allow him to engage in cycle with his kids. Veteran had 2 tours to Iraq.

Sgt. Ron Powell from Bruce, MS served in the Army for 18 years. Served 1 tours in Iraq and 1 in Dessert Storm. Will utilize this cycle for his chronic pain and to cope with PTSD

Brandon Miller served in the navy and was honorably discharged in 2007 after serving 8 years. Veteran is from Wall, MS.  Veteran served 3 tours in Iraq. Will use the AmTryke for weight management and to improve mood. Veteran will also be able to engage in cycling with his family.

Michael Watkins, a veteran of the US Army, will be representing the Lafayette-Oxford-University community with his AmTryke. He completed a yearlong tour in Iraq and is a Rebel fan all the way through.
Nicholas Roylance is a veteran of the US Army, who received an Army Achievement Award upon his exit from the service after injury. He is completing his degree in Theatre Arts at Ole Miss and is pursuing his career in all things writing and acting.

3 Trykes will be donated to the Student Veterans Association on campus to provide recreational outlets to their new facility, The Veterans Resource Center, which will provide student veterans at Ole Miss with a variety of benefits to improve their quality of life on campus.


“I am SFC Collins (Retired) I received my Tryke about a year ago. It has really been a blessing to me because, I have lower back problems, I can ride it with ease and it enables me to get some leg strengthening and cardio without much pressure on my back. I have always loved riding bikes but never thought I would be able to ride again because of the angle and uncomfortable position the bikes would have me in.

I enjoyed the whole event, meeting you all,  the bike race,  and Ole Miss. I will forever be grateful and treasure your gift making it possible for me to enjoy this sport again.”

Eternally Grateful

SFC Collins (Retired)