Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management
School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

SRA Minor: Recreational Therapy

The minor (21 hours) in Recreational Therapy is ideal for students pursuing professions that require skills working with people that have special needs, disabilities, adolescents that are at risk, and older adults. The minor is especially suitable for students majoring in degrees that emphasize major components of sport, recreation, health, therapy, or rehabilitation.

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University of Mississippi Recreational Therapy Minor Application

  • Complete this form to apply for the Recreational Therapy Minor to make sure that you are eligible to do so. Admission to the RT minor is competitive: In addition to other university entrance requirements, students must apply for the minor and be accepted. Not all who apply will likely be accepted. Students may apply for the minor in one of two ways: A. Students already matriculating (currently enrolled at the University of Mississippi) at the university who have completed and passed or are taking BISC 206- Anatomy and Physiology and SRA 262- Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation may apply for the minor. The application process will consider a student's GPA, motivation, choice of major, writing skills, and maturity. B. Students may apply for direct entry to the program prior to beginning their studies at the University of Mississippi. In addition to gaining regular application to the university, students must apply for the RT minor by completing a Supplemental Application, which can be accessed through the HESRM website. The application process will consider a student's GPA, ACT/SAT scores, motivation, prospective choice of major, writing skills, and maturity.
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