Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management
School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Muscle Biology Laboratory


The primary goal of my laboratory is to identify the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying skeletal muscle repair and adaptation to various damaging stimuli. To accomplish this goal, we use a combination of in vitro cell culture work and human studies to uncover the genes and signaling pathways involved in muscle repair and adaptive processes following damage. We hope that our work will discover targets of future therapies to facilitate muscle recovery from injury.


The laboratory is equipped with a Biodex system 3 pro dynamometer, a 3-position convalescent recliner with tray for blood collection, a vented hood, a Bio-Rad plate reader, a refrigerated centrifuge, ultra-cold freezer, Smart2Pure 3 water purification system, EVOS XL core cell imaging system, and a liquid nitrogen dewar.


On-going project

  • The effect of chronic alcohol consumption on exercise-induced muscle damage in young men
  • Sex difference in muscle adaptation

* Subjects are wanted for both studies with a compensation up to $50 per subject.

Uncoming project:

  • A new biomarker for exercise-induced muscle damage


To learn more about research in the Muscle Biology Laboratory, contact our lab faculty.