Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management
School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Minor in Public Health

Undergraduate Minor in Public Health (18 required credit hours on-campus)

Description: The Public Health Minor at UM has been designed for students as an introduction to public health as a discipline. The coursework for the minor will build public health knowledge and skills for students interested in protecting and promoting the health of people and their communities. This minor is open to students in pre-professional health tracks (e.g., medicine, dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, allied health), in fields that incorporate an overall health and wellness focus (e.g., nutrition, social work, communication sciences and disorders, gerontology), or other disciplines that potentially intersect with the public health system.

Required courses:

PH 195 – Foundations of Public Health (3)

PH 352 – Basic Epidemiology (3)

PH 305 – Program Planning and Evaluation (3)

Choose at least three additional courses:

PH 300 – Environmental Health (3)

PH 312 – Behavioral Aspects of Weight Management (3)

PH 319 – Global Health (3)

ES 350 – Research Methods in HESRM (3)

PH 391 – Special Topics in Health (can be taken twice for credit) (3 or 6)

PH 440 – Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity (3)

PH 528 – Public Health Policy (3)

PH 555 – Health Equity (3)

IMC/JOUR 585 – Health Communication (3)

PH 595 – Human Health and Illness (3)